Latin American Coffee
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Much of Latin American coffee comes from Brazil and Colombia, though it can also be found in Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. The exciting aspect of coffee is the unique character and flavour it will take depending on regional variations.

Brazil, Colombia & Venezuela

So let's start with Brazil, which produces about a third of all coffee worldwide. They have a long range of flavours and blends that attract loyal fans. Santos is considered one of their best blends and boasts a refreshing, light taste that captures the flavour of the cherry due to the drying process of the beans.

Next on the list is Colombia, whose coffee has a reputation for full bodied flavour in demand by importers around the world. Columbia accounts for around 10% of worldwide production. The popular flavours include supermo and extra and, for an extra special taste, try out excelso, which combines the two. Excelso has a medium body with a sharp taste that leaves a pleasant scent packed with aromatic infusions. If you head to Venezuela you have production on a much smaller scale, as the country contributes about 1% of worldwide coffee production. Their lavado fino is a popular blend that is light and refreshing and often complemented with milk chocolate to give it an addictive edge.

Peru & Ecuador

Coffee from Peru is one to watch for with its ever-growing popularity; production is based in the Chanchanayo and Urubamba valleys. Ecuador also has its fair share of coffee production with mainly thin coffees with a sharp acidity.

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