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In addition to the fantastic cities where our language schools are located for you to take your Spanish lessons with us, there are many more attractions throughout the whole of Spain that we encourage you to visit if you are able to do so. There are a lot of cities which are great destinations for both holidays and other kinds of visits, and there a large amount of interesting sites worth seeing, especially if you are interested in learning more as you travel. If you are passionate about history and culture than those are the cities you should visit, and of course they will give you plenty of opportunities to practice your language skills and learn more as you go because you will come into contact with plenty of native Spanish speakers no matter which area of the country you choose to visit.

From the cities on the Bay of Biscay, passing through the interior of the Iberian Peninsula all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, Spain has many little known places that are ideal for a unique holiday that is off the tourist trail, as well as a lot of areas which are set up for holidaymakers from within Spain and which therefore have all of the amenities and facilities which you would hope for. The rest of Spain, with all of its charming sites and interesting history, will certainly be a pleasant surprise to anyone who has perhaps only visited one of our language school cities before in order to take their language learning course and get their first real taste of Spanish culture.

Once you have completed a course, taking a holiday in other Spanish language speaking areas will really be much easier and also much more enjoyable for you as you can really use what you have learned in a very effective way. You will be able to communicate with locals easily and go shopping, eat at restaurants, and explore local attractions without the language barrier which might previously have faced you. This is a perfect way to maintain your level of language proficiency through practice, as well as getting a great holiday and a chance to relax as much as you would like to into the bargain.

We currently do not have programs in these destinations that would allow you to study Spanish while you are there, but we do have top notch programs and schools located throughout Spain and Latin America's most emblematic Spanish speaking destinations. If you want to learn before you set off, then you can easily take a look at our other pages in order to see which schools you can attend if you are ready to book your course and get started on your learning experience!

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