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Top Avila Attractions

  • La Pared de Ávila / The walls of Avila
  • Catedral de Ávila / Cathedral of Avila
  • Monasterio de Santo Tomas / Monastery of Saint Thomas
  • Museum Convent of the Encarnacion / Museo del Convento de la Encarnacion
  • Church of San Vicente / Basilica de San Vicente
  • Convent of Santa Teresa / Covento de Santa teresa
  • Iglesia de San Pedro/ Church of San Pedro

Top Festivals

La Semana Santa / Holy Week

Festivales / Outdoor Festivals

Romeria De La Virgen De Chilla / Pilgrimage of our Lady of Chilla

Fiesta De Santa Teresa / Festival of Santa Teresa
Mid October

Food & Drink

Avila has a proud heritage of cuisine and their gastronomy is highly regarded, one of the widely known dishes available is Chuleton de Avileño a T bone steak and a Judias del Barco de Avila which is a dish consisting of white beans, with chorizo (salami type meat) doused with a thick sauce. Another great selection of food available is Santa Teresa yolks an original treat that is manufactured by La Flor de Castilla in the city. Finally be sure to try out the Hornazo, bread roll that encases bacon, eggs and sausage, certainly a delightful experience.


If your heading to Avila best bet is to head over around July and August if you worship the sun gods with temperatures reaching 31ºc. Generally having good weather all year round its always a safe bet heading down until around mid October as then the temperature tends to significantly drop. The winters are quite extreme and a harsh contrast from the familar sunshine but you will be looking at an average temperature of around 9ºc meaning the winter jackets are an essential buy!

Getting There

By plane
For Avila you will be looking at Madrid's airport located around nine miles from the centre. This can be quite the distance from Avila so you will have to combine it with another mode of transport but buses will be available from the airport to the corresponding areas.

By train
A great way to get around is the railway and Madrid's RENFA is a convienient way of getting over to Avila, it is considered relatively cheap with roughly a two hour duration if everything stays to plan and has an abundance of space and comfort to ensure you have an enjoyable journey.

By bus
Buses are always a cheap and cheerful method of transport, this is the case for Avila where you can find a number of routes heading in the direction you want to go. Starting off with Arenas de San Pedro, you can jump on one of these during the week monday to friday, be sure to double check the times as they are not that frequent but worthwhile.

Fast Facts

PopulationApprox. 83,000
Autonomous CommunityCastile and León
LanguagesCastilian, Spanish
LocationSeventy miles north-west of Madrid
Tourist OfficeJunta de Castilla - Leon
Tel: (+34) 983 411 900

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