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Top Santander Attractions

  • La catedral / The Cathedral
  • Museo de Prehistoria y Arqueología / Museum of Prehistory and Archeology
  • Iglesia del Santísimo Cristo / Church of the Holy Christ
  • Península de la Magdalena / Magdalena Peninsula
  • Plaza de Pombo / Pombo Square
  • Museo Marítimo del Cantábrico / Naval Museum of the Cantabrian Sea
  • Gran Casino del Sardinero / Sardinero Grand Casino
  • Playa del Sardinero / Sardinero Beach
  • Jardines de Pereda / Pereda Gardens
  • Playa del Puntal / Puntal Beach
  • El Faro de Cabo Mayor / Cabo Mayor Lighthouse
  • Playas de la Bahía de Santander / Beaches of Santander Bay

Top Festivals

Semana Grande / Big Week
Week around July 25

Festival Internacional De Santander / International Festival of Santander

Food & Drink

Santander has an excellent cuisine in which, thanks to the city's coastal location, seafood is undoubtedly the highlight. The most popular seafood dishes in Santander include morgueras (razor clams), amayuelas (clams), bocartes (anchovies), lubinas (sea bass), sardina (sardines), calamares. Cantabria is also known for its wonderful meats and cheeses as well as a wide range of locally grown fruits and vegetables. Some of the best places to eat are Santander's old bodegas, or wine cellars, which serve up great food, drink and atmosphere. Top gastronomical areas include the Barrio Pesquero (Fishing District), the Puerto Chico (Port) and El Sardinero (the area near El Sardinero beach).


Like the rest of Spain's northern coastline, Santander has an oceanic climate with mild temperatures with little fluctuation, rather high humidity and a fair share of rain. Summer enjoys warm - but not hot - temperatures and considerably less rain, conditions which make the city a welcome refuge from the exceptionally hot temperatures of Spain's inland and southern regions. Temperatures oscillate between highs of 11.6ºC (53ºF) in January and 26.6ºC (80ºF) in July.

Getting There

By plane
Santander has a small airport loated about 5 kilometers away that has a few flights each day to and from Barcelona and Madrid.

By train
There are two train stations servicing Santander. The RENFE station has routes to Madrid, Palencia, Ávila, Reinosa and Valladolid, amongst others. The neighboring FEVE station has trains to Barquera, Oviedo, Llanés and Bilbao.

By bus
If you're traveling by bus to / from Santander, the main companies are ALSA and Continental-Auto. There are numerous buses to a wide range of cities both within the region and throughout the country: Madrid, Bilbao, Burgos, San Sebastián, Oviedo, Llanes, Arriondas, Ribadesella, Valladolid, Salamanca, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Irún and others.

Getting Around

While Santander is without a doubt best explored on foot, the city does have a public bus system that will get your from point A to point B

Fast Facts

PopulationApprox. 180,000 (city proper)
Autonomous CommunityCantabria
PeopleSantanderino/a, Santanderense
LocationLocated in northern Spain on the coast of the Bay of Biscay.
Tourist OfficeAddress: Jardines de Pereda
Telephone: 940 20 30 00

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