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Top Girona Attractions

  • Casco Antiguo / Old Quarter
  • Catedral / Cathedral
  • Iglesia de Sant Feliu / Sant Feliu Church
  • Iglesia de Sant Pere de Galligants / Sant Pere de Galligants Monastery
  • Convento de Sant Doménech / Convent of Sant Doménech
  • Casas del Oñar / Houses of the Oñar River
  • El Call / Old Jewish District
  • Baños árabes / Arabic baths
  • Plaza de la Independencia / Independence Square
  • Rambla de la Libertad / Freedom Boulevard
  • Murallas / City walls
  • Parc Devesa / Devesa Park

Top Festivals

Fiestas De San Narciso / Feast Day of Saint Narciso
This Girona festival is celebrated in the week of October 29th, the day of Saint Narciso, Girona's patron saint. There are parades and religious masses, while at the Devesa Park there are fiargrounds, concerts and all sorts of other festivities.

Tiempo De Flores / Flower Time
Every May, the Old Quarter of Girona transforms into one large garden with carpets of flowers adorning all the monuments.

Food & Drink

Girona's location between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean provides the city with fresh products from both mountain and sea. The Pyrenees provide the city with wild vegetables, mushrooms, game and livestock, while the fertile lowlands provide it with fruit and vegetables and the Mediterranean provides all sorts of seafood.

One of the most interesting facets of Catalonian cuisine is the combinations of ingredients, as the dishes often mix ingredients that we would never think to mix. The local cuisine is also a result of the many civilizations that passed through Girona as well as through mingling with neighboring European countries.

Spain's most famous restaurant, El Bulli, has been voted the best restaurant in the world several times. If you plan to try it out, reserve months ahead of time or hope for a cancellation!

Here are a few local specialties to try:

  • Caracoles con picada / Snails with minced meat
  • Cocas / Buns
  • Cola de rape al aceite de oliva virgen / Anglerfish tail with virgin olive oil
  • Conejo con nabos / Rabbit with turnip
  • Crep relleno de marisco / Seafood crepe
  • Habas a la catalana / Catalan-style broad beans
  • Langosta con caracoles / Lobster with snails
  • Niu / Cod with thrushes
  • Oca con peras / Goose with pears
  • Olla de pescadores / Fisherman's casserole
  • Paltruc / Catalan sausage
  • Patarrellada de mero / Grouper patarrellada
  • Pato con mongetes / Duck with white beans
  • Queso de tupí / Sheep cheese in a clay pot, preserved in liqueur and garlic
  • Queso Garrotxa / Garrotxa cheese
  • Rossejat / Oven-baked pasta or rice
  • Sopa de oca con cama-sec / Goose soup with honey mushroom
  • Suquet de pescado / Catalan fish stew


Girona's climate is mild year round, with cool winters and quite hot summers. The average daily high in January, the coolest month, is 45ºF / 7ºC and the average daily high in August, the warmest month, is 88ºF / 31ºC. There are plenty of sunny days and not much rain; the bulk of the annual rainfall falls in winter and early spring.

Getting There

By plane
Girona's airport - Aeropuerto de Gerona-Costa Brava - is located 12 kilometers from the city in the down of Vilobí d'Onyar. The bulk of its routes are domestic, though with the surge in low-cost airlines it's now an international hub for companies like Ryanair. For major international airlines, your best bet is to use Barcelona's international airport; Girona is just an hour away from Barcelona and easily accessible via bus or train.

By train
Girona's train station (address: Plaça Espanya) is a hub for numerous regional (Porbou, Figueres, Barcelona...), national (Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, coastal cities...) and even international (Milan, Zurich, Paris, Geneva...) routes.

By bus
Girona's bus station (address: Plaça Espanya) is located right next to its train station and connects the city with regional, national and international coach lines.

Getting Around

Girona is a small city in which the monument-packed historic center is compact and easy to navigate. We suggest exploring the city by foot, though Girona does also have a city bus system that covers the city and its suburbs.

Fast Facts

PopulationApprox. 90,000 (city proper)
Autonomous CommunityCatalonia
LanguagesSpanish, Catalán
LocationThe deep south of Spain
Tourist OfficeRambla de la Libertad, 1
Tel: (+34) 972 226 575

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