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Top Segovia Attractions

  • Acueducto romanoRoman aqueduct
  • CatedralCathedral
  • AlcázarCastle
  • Iglesia de San MartínSan Martín Church
  • Iglesia de San MiguelSan Miguel Church
  • Iglesia de Vera CruzVera Cruz Church
  • Monasterio de El ParralEl Parral Monastery
  • Convento de los Carmelitos DescalzosCarmelite Convent
  • Casa de los PicosHouse of the Spikes
  • Plaza MayorMain Square
  • Plaza de San MartínSan Martín Square
  • Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Esteban VicenteEsteban Vicente Contemporary Art Museum

Top Festivals

Fiestas de San Juan y San PedroCelebrations of Saint Juan and Saint Pedro
Held from June 24th through June 29th, the Fiestas de San Juan y San Pedro have been celebrated since the 15th century and include parades, performances, bullfights, concerts, age old traditions and much more.

Virgen de la FuencislaCelebration of the Virgin of Fuencisla
To honor the patron of Segovia, the Virgin of Fuencisla, a celebration is held on September 25th that includes numerous religious traditions, processions, typical dances and traditional regional music.

Fiesta San FrutosCelebration of San Frutos
The festival of Segovia's other patron saint, San Frutos, is held each year on October 25th. Along with a procession to the monastery dedicated to him, there are special pastries, traditional music and numerous concerts and activities that take place in the Plaza Mayor.

Food & Drink

Segovia's countryside gastronomy consists of the generally hearty fare - stews, roasts, etc. - typical of Spain's inland, rural areas. Meats and cheeses are cured in the nearby mountains, local crops provide numerous legumes and vegetables and the local love affair with pig products plays into almost every dish. While in town, be sure to try at least some of the following Segovia specialties:

  • Cochinillo asadoRoast suckling pig
  • Lechazo asadoRoast lamb
  • Judiones con verdurasBeans with vegetables
  • EmbutidosCured meats
  • Lombarda a la segovianaSegovian-style cabbage
  • Chorizo cantimpalosSpicy sausage
  • Queso de ovejaSheep's cheese
  • Conejo al ajilloRabbit with garlic sauce
  • Jamón ibéricoIbérico ham
  • Jamón serranoSerrano ham
  • Ponche segovianoSweet dessert made with "ponche", a Spanish spirit
  • VinosWines (especially reds; try Ribera del Duero)


Due to its relatively high elevation, proximity to the mountains and distance from the coast, it is cool and dry in Segovia for a large portion of the year. Winters are cold and summers are hot, though neither season has extreme temperatures. The coldest month, January has an average high temperature of 7.7ºC (45ºF) while the warmest month, July, has an average high temperature of 28.8ºC (84ºF).

Getting There

By plane
The most convenient airport to use is the Madrid Barajas Airport in the Spanish capital, which is only about 50 kilometers from Segovia. There are plenty of trains and buses that run between Segovia and Madrid, which is one of the reasons why Segovia is a popular day-trip from Madrid.

By train
Trains to Segovia arrive to one of two stations. The Estación de Segovia (Avenida Obispo Quesada, 1) is located just outside of the city center and is an extension of on Madrid's suburban train network. A train ride between Segovia and Madrid is roughly two hours.

The second station, Estación Renfe Segovia-Guiomar (Pol. Ind. Hontoria), is a fairly recently built station located 5 kilometers outside of the city. It is a stop for the high-speed AVE trains that connect Segovia with cities like Madrid (30 minutes), Valladolid (45 minutes), etc. To get from this station to the city center, there are buses that leave every 15 minutes that will leave you at the aqueduct.

By bus
Segovia's main bus station, located on Paseo de Ezequial Gonzalez, is not far from the aqueduct and connects the city with numerous Spanish cities and towns. Travel time between Madrid and Segovia is just under an hour.

Getting Around

All of Segovia's sights are found in its compact historical center, which is extremely navigable on foot and, in many cases, pedestrianized. There is, however, a good city bus network that extends to the different districts, both new and old, of the city.

Fast Facts

PopulationApprox. 57,000
Autonomous CommunityCastilla y León
LocationCentral Spain
Tourist OfficePlaza del Azoguejo, 1
Tel: (+34) 921 466 720

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