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Top Burgos Attractions

  • Catedral de Burgos/ Cathedral of Burgos
  • Puerte de San Pablo / Bridge of San Pablo
  • Iglesia de Miraflores/ Church of Miraflores
  • Museo de Burgos / Museums of Burgos
  • Monasterio de las Huelgas / Monastery of the Royal Retreat
  • Parque de Castillo/ Park of Castillo

Top Festivals

Fiesta De San Juan Del Monte / A victory over the Moors in the Middle Ages
During Easter week

Espinosa De Los Monteros

Burgos International Music Festival
Mid-late July

Festividad De San Lesmes / Festival of San Lesmes
Late January

Food & Drink

The cuisine of Burgos is renowned for its organic quality and selection when used in the well known meals, the most popular meat is certainly the lamb, it is used in a resourceful sense as nothing is wasted. without going into the gruesome details there is everything from head to toe available to really enjoy the exotic mixture of
flavours providing a unique experience. Another delicious option is pork which is available in several forms with the love it or hate it black pudding and several forms of chorizo you are surely going to find something you will really enjoy. A variety of pulses are also used in the food to thicken up stews and add a unique flavour to the meals as well as their red wine being of an excellent quality that will put a smile on the critics faces.


If your heading to Avila best bet is to head over around July and August if you worship the sun gods with temperatures reaching 31ºc. Generally having good weather all year round its always a safe bet heading down until around mid October as then the temperature tends to significantly drop. The winters are quite extreme and a harsh contrast from the familar sunshine but you will be looking at an average temperature of around 9ºc meaning the winter jackets are an essential buy!

Getting There

By train
A great way to get around is the railway and Madrid's RENFA is a convienient way of getting over to Burgos, it goes from areas all around such as Bilbao, León, Valladolid and Salamanca where you can find a fare for under twenty euro.

By bus
Buses are always a cheap and cheerful method of transport, this is the case for Avila where you can find a number of routes heading in the direction you want to go. Starting off with Arenas de San Pedro, you can jump on one of these during the week monday to friday, be sure to double check the times as they are not that frequent but worthwhile.

By Car
If you fancy heading to Burgos by your own means then by car you can head down the N1 from Madrid from here your heading north until you hit the N234 and eventually hitting Zaragoza and Barcelona from there it shouldn't be too hard to find.

Getting Around

Being quite a small town you shouldn't have any problem getting around by foot, though if you want an alternative you have the option of a taxi or even renting a car fairly easily and cheaply. There is also a bus service available but it generally changes often therefore it would be best to inquire on your arrival to its present situation.

Fast Facts

PopulationApprox. 170,000
Autonomous CommunityCastile and León
LanguagesCastilian, Spanish
LocationNorthern Spain
Tourist OfficePlaza Alonso Marínez, 7
Tel: (+34) 947 203 125

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