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Residential Stay

The Residential Stay embodies the essence of our summer language camp philosophy: by living, studying, playing, and practicing languages together 24 hours/ day in a totally multicultural environment, campers will learn interpersonal and linguistic skills to last a lifetime. When they choose this signature option, Spanish and international students are only separated during their morning language classes. They'll experience everything else together, from morning wake-up to sports, art workshops, recreational activities, excursions, meals and more. It's the perfect recipe for making life-long friends from all over the world!

What's included?: 24/7 supervision, Sports, recreational activities, 4 meals included, 60% of Spanish students, project based learning

Homestay Program

Students 14 years of age and up can choose to become part of a Spanish family with our homestay program. This is a great option for students who are interested in a truly authentic Spanish experience. All of our enthusiastic families are carefully selected in order to ensure that they share the same core values as we do and are friendly, welcoming and passionate about helping our students learn and grow from their Enforex summer.

What's included?: Recreational activities, 4 meals included, 24/7 supervision, workshops, project based learning, sports

The Day Camp Program

This option is perfect for campers who live nearby or are traveling in Spain with their families. Students have the ability to enjoy fun activities, language classes and new international friends during the day and return to their families in the evening. Students still reap the same great benefits as overnight campers when they are at camp.

What's included? Recreational activities, 2 meals included, supervision, workshops, project based learning, sports

Morning Language Program

This summer program consists of participation in language classes, as well as the workshops or sports that take place before lunch.
Schedule: from 9:00 to 12:30

Morning Language Program is available...

Combined City Program

If a student is interested in discovering more than one of Spain's regions, they may combine programs at any of our ENFOREX Summer Camp cities.

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