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Study spanish in Valencia

In many ways this is the ideal city.


We're sure you've heard of paella, horchata and the Fallas. Valencia is the birthplace of the typical Spanish hallmarks. But this city is known for more than this; it has eight magnificent beaches, fascinated historic buildings and a cultural offering of incredible quality. Without a doubt are the ideal surroundings to learn Spanish and for that reason it is one of the most regarded year-round destinations by our students. If you are looking for a Spanish city that has it all, then come to Valencia!

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Intensive & Super Intensive Course

The most requested and popular of the courses we offer in our schools. Our intensive courses are the most flexible and versatile available anywhere because of the different possibilities we offer for their duration and intensity. These courses are designed for people that want to gain a more well-rounded vision of the Spanish language which is why our intensive and super intensive courses can be taken full time. Students can also combine classes with culture and even private lessons.

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Get to know our school

Enforex Valencia is a large, wheelchair accessible school with the capacity to hold six hundred students at a time, making it a great place to encounter other learners. Some of these may be Spaniards taking other language classes at the center, which makes it easy for you to practice Spanish outside the classroom with them– and you may be able to give them a chance to practice their English too, which means that everyone can get along! It also means that you can find out about all of the best local places to go and things to see, as you will get access to first hand knowledge through the other students.

  • 20 minutes away from the city center and beach
  • 24 spacious classrooms, full of natural light
  • Big garden in front of the school
  • Computer lab with free Internet access
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Our accommodations

At Enforex we have various options available for your accommodation needs to make you feel comfortable, as if you had never left home.

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  • Guided walking tour of Valencia
  • Visit to the City of Arts and Sciences
  • Spanish movie night & discussion at the school
  • Visits to Valencia's museums (IVAM, Fallas, Bullfighting, Rice, MUVIM...)


  • Ibiza
  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • City of Arts & Sciences
  • La Albufera
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Discover Valencia

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Valencia, innovating from classical beginnings

One of the oldest cities in Spain it is also one of the most modern. Why don't you come and discover why?

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