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Valencia is Spain's third largest city and has undergone a transformative cultural renaissance in recent years. Located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, it has everything from pristine beaches to fascinating architecture, a world class soccer team, futuristic facilities that attract huge international events, unique attractions, and a nightlife that doesn't sleep till dawn. Learn Spanish in Valencia and experience it for yourself! With friendly locals you're sure to have plenty of opportunities to put all your new Spanish knowledge into practice.

Valencia has a long history going back over 2,000 years. The historic center is home to a number of astonishing Gothic buildings scattered throughout the city center, especially the cathedral and the Silk Exchange building (known as La Lonja). With such easy access to the city center, visiting and admiring these works of art are a must.

Today, the artistic and cultural traditions of Valencia collide with the modern and festive to create a truly unique atmosphere. From the renowned Las Fallas fire festival, which lights up the whole city every year with elaborate sculptures set aflame, to Valencia's world-famous paella, there will always be something to spark interest in this city. In fact, Valencia is a favorite vacation spot for many residents of the peninsula, so you are likely to find yourself chatting with a variety of Spaniards from different places.

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