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Spanish Language Immersion on Vacation

Between school, work and numerous other responsibilities, the majority of our students come to study Spanish with us using their precious vacation days. Our language immersion schools throughout the Spanish-speaking world are open all year round - yes, even during holiday seasons - and our courses begin every Monday, which means that you can come study Spanish when it's best for your schedule.

If you are looking for a Spanish language program abroad that achieves the perfect balance between vacation and immersion, we have a handful of suggestions.

    Beach destinations throughout Spain & Latin America

    For many, vacation just isn't vacation without the warm sand between your toes and the relaxing sounds of the sea. If you are one of those folks, you're in luck. We completely understand the appeal of beach destinations as vacation spots, which is precisely why we have hand-picked several of these towns and cities as locations for our Spanish schools. NOTE: Don't forget: when it's cold in the northern hemisphere it's warm in the southern hemisphere!
    Summer Camps for Children & Teenagers

    We have the perfect way for children or teenagers to expand their minds while having the time of their lives during their summer break from school. Our 9 summer camps are open to both Spanish and international youth between the ages of 5 and 18 and combine 5 daily language lessons with a jam-packed program of sports, excursions, fun activities and all-around fun!
    Experience Christmas & New Years in Another Country

    Looking to use up your leftover final vacation days? Trying to find something new and different to do to finish the year with a bang? Take an educational vacation to Spain or Mexico and spend one or two weeks studying Spanish while totally immersing yourself yourself in the local culture, traditions, atmosphere and celebrations of the season. Our language immersion schools also arrange a variety of special activities and visits to ensure that you don't miss a thing! If you're looking to shake things up this winter vacation, this is your chance!

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