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Getting to Santiago de Cuba

By plane
Santiago de Cuba's international airport, the Aeropuerto Internacional Antonio Maceo, is located approximately 7 kilometers from Santiago. Along with domestic flights, it also services flights from other Caribbean countries, Canada and a handful of European destinations. A good option if you are arriving from an international location is to fly first to Havana and connect to Santiago via a domestic flight with national airline Cubana.

By bus
Santiago's bus station, which you'll find near the Heredia monument, is the base for both the Astro and Víazul bus companies and link Santiago to pretty much any town or city in Cuba.

By train
Unlike many Caribbean nations, Cuba has a railway system that reaches most parts of the country. Trains arrive to and depart from Santiago's French-style train station located northwest of the city center and conveniently not far from the rum factory.

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