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Oaxaca Attractions & Highlights

Basílica de la Soledad

Basílica de la Soledad
This beautiful 17th century Baroque church, dedicated to city patroness Our Lady of Solitude, is an absolutely breathtaking building that doubles as one of Mexico's most important religious sites. According to local lore, it was built after a wooden statue of the Virgin was discovered in the pack of a donkey. Once you lose yourself in the elaborately carved façade, head inside and check her out... she's the one dripping in glittering jewels!

El Zócalo
Bordered by more than a few terrace cafés, government buildings and churches, this leafy square is the heart and soul of Oaxaca and the place to people-watch, relax, meet up, stroll... you name it!

Monte Albán

Monte Albán
This historical wonder, which shares UNESCO World Heritage Site status with the historical center of Oaxaca, was inhabited for over 1500 years by several cultures, first the Olmecs followed by the Zapotecs and finally the Mixtecs. Its terraces, pyramids, canals and dams were literally carved right out of the mountain and is truly a must-see.

Iglesia de Santo Domingo
Built as part of the Dominican monastery, construction of this lovely church lasted from 1570 to 1608. The result? An excellent example of Mexican Baroque architecture complete with intricate carvings, twin blue domes, golf leaf adornment and more. Nowadays it holds the Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca. You can also visit the adjacent monastery.

Templo de la Compañía
This attractive Baroque church, built in the 16th century, has a prayer inside which has been translated into 15 different languages, amongst them a handful of local indigenous languages.

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