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Whether you want to learn new vocabulary for the first time or to refresh your memory on things that you have already learnt before now, you can browse the pages that we have put together below for an ample review of vocabulary and expressions in the Spanish language having to do with the calendar in all of its forms. Time is an important subject and it is not something that you can get away without talking about for very long – whether you are discussing something that happened yesterday, planning ahead for the evening and what time you will meet up with your new Spanish friends, or wondering about what date in the future something is going to happen. Knowing some basic words and phrases will certainly give you a good grounding in this area, as it is not something that tends to get too complicated –and remember to check out our section on numbers too for more help with times and dates and how to say them.

However you spend your time in Spain and however long you stay for, you will find this section useful. We have divided it into three different parts according to months and days, times on a clock and special dates on a calendar. In this way you will be able to quickly look at the part you want to know about whenever you like. It is important to know about these kinds of things in Spain in particular, because there are a lot of times and dates that are very important to Spanish people. For example, you might want to ask what time you will be able to go and get lunch as it is later here than in most European or other Western cultures; you may also want to ask about what day or month of the year a festival takes place on, as these are huge events that are very important to Spanish people – and which you may want to plan ahead for in order to be able to witness them yourself.

Within each of these sections we have also put some frequently used sentences together so that you will also be able to ask for important information about the time if you need to do so. So, you have a complete guide that will help a lot in your day to day life in Spain if you learn everything on these pages – and it is a good idea to try to get this information at least loosely in your brain before you set off, as you may need to talk about times when you get to the airport, particularly if you need to take public transport from there to your accommodation. If you are studying with us, then do not worry – we will make sure that all of the arrangements are in place for you, but it is still very reassuring to know how to make all of these questions understood if you need to in a pinch!

Calendar Vocabulary

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