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Holidays / Las fiestas

In addition to its special festivals which are often unique to Spain itself or to a certain area of the country, there are many other special holidays and occasions which Spain shares with many other parts of the world, some of which you may well celebrate yourself. Do you know how to refer to all of them correctly? No need to worry if you do not! We have created this page with a full list of holiday names along with their equivalent in Spanish so that you can quickly find the exact expression you are looking for in order to organize a party with your colleagues or ask someone in your company for the dates of these holidays. This will also help you in common conversation, as when someone refers to them for some reason you will know just what they are talking about!

In addition, you will find that we have added in some terms that are linked to these festivals so that, if you organize a party, you are equipped with the right words and you will be aware of which aspects are the most characteristic of each festival. This will help you to discuss them more fully and to ensure that you know what is going on at all times, so that if someone else tells you to save your last glass of el champan to drink it at la medianoche, you will know just what they are advising you to do! Do you want to have a good time with your Spanish friends when you are in the country during a special time of the year? If you do, then you will have plenty of chances to practice this vocabulary, so make sure that you give it a good read through and try to learn some of the relevant words if you can. You can even keep this list close at hand if you would like to refer back to it, and try writing it out for yourself rather than printing it – an act such as copying something down can often help to make sure that it is more firmly held in the memory than if you were to simply read it through a few times.


Holy Week

Christmas Eve
Merry Christmas!
Santa Claus
Chistmas Carol
Christmas tree
Nativity scene
The Wise Men


New Years Eve

Valentine's Day
Box of chocolates

Father's Day
Mother's Day


Las vacaciones

La Pascua
La Semana Santa
El Cuaresma

La Navidad
La Nochebuena
¡Feliz Navidad!
Papá Noel
El reno
El duende
El regalo
El villancico
El árbol de Navidad
El belén
Los Reyes Magos

El Jánuca
La menora

La Nochevieja
La medianoche
La cuenta atrás
Los fuegos artificiales
El champán

El Día de San Valentín
El corazón
El amor
La caja de bombones
El abrazo
El beso

El Día del Padre
El Día de la Madre

El cumpleaños

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