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Learn Spanish while having fun

At Enforex we think that there is more to learning a language than just grammar lessons. We have always believed in the importance of combining education with having fun. For this reason we have a wide range of activities which round off our classes: all of our schools organize excursions and workshops so students can get to know their chosen destination while also socializing with the other students, which will allow them to quickly acquire the Spanish skills they need and want.

Our schools also offer courses where a leisure activity forms an integral part of the program. Would you like to dominate the gerund verb form while learning to cook great paella? Or master adverbs while taking part in a flamenco dancing class? Or practice prepositions between serves and backhands while playing tennis? Or deepen your knowledge of Spanish during a diving session? You can do all of these activities with us.

The types of courses available vary depending on the school, so you must check which destinations offer the course you want to sign up for.
To clarify what we mean, here is a list of the different courses and the destinations where they are offered:

As you can see all of our destinations in Spain offer at least one of these special courses. If you want to master a language in the future but you still want to have a good time you now know the locations of our schools. We would be delighted not only to teach you an increasingly important language, but also to make sure that you have a good time while you are learning it!

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