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With your trip to Avila you will have to plan ahead of time as there will be a host of activities for you to enjoy and with the reputation of roasted food you will be spoilt with choice and thats not even mentioning the dessert! Now, onto the history and there isn't a lack of it in Avila as it has a deeply integrated history in defense which you can see straight away when visiting. An impressive sight is the collection of watchtowers that are distributed around the boundaries of the city with the defensive walls although having minor restorations still stand to this day in great quality. One explanation for all of the protection has roots back to the power struggle that was present during the past between the Moors and Christians, two opponents who had always clashed for power of Spain and Avila was ovbiously well prepared for when it occured.

Continuing with the defensive theme you should make a note of checking out the Cathedral of Avila, not only known for its gothic appearance from the 12th century it had also served a purpose of defense which is a stark contrast from its primary job. Though with this said it still is an impressive building with its quaint and modest structure that is the earliest example of a cathedral in Spain. Another interesting religious sight is the Basilica de San Vicente a Catholic church that follows the legend that a rich jewish man laughed at Saint Vincent execution and is attacked by a snake coming from nowhere, realising his wrong doings he repent his sins and builds the church in dedication to the saint.
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Spanish School in Avila

At the moment we don't have a language school in Avila but if you check out the rest of the website then you can be sure you will find another area that grabs your interest with one of our great schools to help you learn Spanish in an exciting environment either in Spain or Latin America.

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