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When you think of Avila you will most certainly relate it to some kind of military history as it still looks like its ready for battle with its protective high walls and 88, yes 88 watchtowers making it a safe place before CCTV was created! With constant battles between the Christians and Moors each building served a purpose for its defense and although serving its practicalities the sights around Avila have a rich aesthetic quality that needs to be seen.

Rest assured you will be checking out all the sights there will also be the question of where to find food, well look no further there are several places to park up to boost those energy levels and be sure to look out for these kind of culinary delights to keep those tastebuds on edge. The most popular dish is known as Yema de Avila which is a egg yolk cake, though Avila is known for its roasted meats especially veal. So look out for the T-bone steaks, Pork and there is a long tradition for pasteries so ask to try the Almond pasteries and torrijas.

A popular stop after your back on your feet from a good meal should be El Monasterio de Santo Tomas which is the monastery home to the tomb of Prince Don Juan who died prematurely at the age of 19, his parents were Ferdinand II and Isabella I of Castile. An interesting fact about Don Juan is his name being used for newly founded Cuba by columbus centuries ago, it was called Isla Juana.

If you are in the party mood then be sure to check out Fiesta de Santa Teresa which last for 10 days and the Holy Thursday is another party kicking off in easter!

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Spanish Courses in Avila

At present there are not any language schools for Enforex in Avila but as you can see there is a host of activity in just this one area of Spain, why not check out the rest of the web pages and learn more about Spain and you can find several of the locations we offer our language courses to help you learn in a fun and productive environment.

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