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Your trip to Avila will certainly be interesting it has a rich history and certainly knows a thing or two about defense unlike a lot of sport teams! It remains a fortress with a total of eighty eight watch towers and the boundary walls still intact making it an interesting journey around the city. You will also notice it has quite a strong religious influence and 16th century architecture, it had always been a place of debate for the battles of the Christians and the Moors which provides some of the explanation to why it is so well protected.

A focal point will be the food, now that a smile has been raised to your face lets check out the cuisine in a little bit more detail. Avila is known for its roasted meats and pastery which is the perfect balance of savoury and sweet, if your looking for the best meal be sure to try the Veal as that has been especially credited. Though there are also steaks and pork that will be a great substitute, the almond pasteries and torrijas are the right way to compliment the meal.

Be sure to check out the El Monasterio de Santo Tomas which is the final resting place for Prince Don Juan of Asturias, this monastery was finished in 1492 and the main altarpiece is the life of Saint Thomas Aquinas.
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Study Spanish in Avila

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