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Avila is a town not too far from Madrid that offers a real sense of historic value that can be a great day out with some great sights to check out, when you arrive you will be struck with the influence of its military traditions as it still remains a fortress city. It was originally renowned for its defensive capabilities with each building serving its purpose though it could still hold off an attacker even to this day, fortunately that isn't necessary. It has an impressive 88 watch towers though on the last count Enforex doesn't have any so they are the clear winner, you will also notice its integration of 16th century. Its history like several other locations in Spain has been up for constant changes in its leadership as the Moors and Christians frequently battled for control which can be seen in the Moor and Christian Festivals.

Lets check out the religious side of things, one of the main focal points has to be the cathedral which was created in the 12th century with a gothic influence which was common during that period. It is the earliest example of a cathedral in Spain and has a modest appearance that still grabs your attention as an impressive structure. It is also worth nothing that the Cathedral was also created as a defensive structure during attacks serving more than its spirtual purpose, quite a contrasting practicality but interesting nevertheless. For another aspect of religion in Avila take a look at Basilica de San Vicente, a Catholic church with a more glamourous Romanesque style of architecture. A light relaxing colourscheme coupled with its simplistic design make it a successful addition to Avila.

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Learn Spanish in Avila

At present there isn't a language school for Enforex in Avila though there are several locations with just as much exciting activities as Avila all over Spain and Latin America. Now that your attention has been caught be sure to check out the other pages on the site to find out more and learn a lifelong skill with a language at Enforex!

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