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Best Spanish schools to learn Spanish

Discover the best Spanish schools arround the wolrd and have the opportunity to learn Spanish in the Enforex academy

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Alicante School

If you’ve always imagined Spain as a warm, Mediterranean paradise, you should come and spend some time in Alicante. With some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, Alicante lies between the mountains and the sea and basks in mild temperatures year-round.

Enforex Alicante is a spacious, modern Mediterranean-style building with the capacity for 150 students. It’s located at Paseo de la Explanada – the city’s most famous street-, a pedestrian promenade with a plethora of restaurants, cafes, disco bars… and just two minutes away from the beach!

Learn Spanish in Alicante and discover it all for yourself!

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Barcelona School

If you want to learn Spanish in one of the most exciting and beautiful cities in the world, Barcelona is the place for you. Sprawled between the beaches of the Mediterranean and the mountains of Montjuïc, Barcelona is an avant-garde, multicultural meeting place where the undulating Art Nouveau structures of Antoni Gaudí and the medieval architecture of the Gothic Quarter combine to form a fascinating European metropolis.

Enforex Barcelona is our largest Spanish school in Spain at a 550 student capacity, which makes it great for socializing and meeting new friends from all over the world. Even better, Spanish students take English, French and German language classes here, which means you can sign up for free language exchanges and mingle with natives on a daily basis. It’s in the heart of central Barcelona, the “Eixample” distric, walking distance from Las Ramblas, the university, cultural centers and much more.

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Cádiz School

Cádiz, the oldest city in the western world, serves up an eclectic mix of offerings to both its visitors and 135,000 residents. Great beaches, sweeping views of the sea and long, palm-lined promenades complement the town’s lively bars, fantastic museums, bustling commercial activity, and spectacular Cathedrals typical of any prized European city.

Cádiz is a small city, but we’ve picked the most lively and interesting setting for our Spanish school! The school is centrally located right in the city’s historic quarter, in a plaza next to the university and 5 minutes away from the beach. It’s surrounded by everything you could need: plazas, bars, shops, restaurants, cafes, etc, and in walking distance from the Cádiz bus and train stations; from either you can easily travel to other parts of Spain.

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Granada School

Known worldwide for the sumptuous palaces of La Alhambra, Granada is an endless fascinating city teeming with history and exquisite beauty. Not quite European, characterized by Moorish architecture and the gypsy “Albaicín” quarter, yet not quite Oriental, with its Renaissance cathedral and traditional Andalusian cuisine and tapas culture, Granada is one of the truly unique cities of the world.

Enforex Granada is a small school with an 80 student capacity, perfect for receiving personal attention and feeling right at home. It’s located downtown, just a couple minutes walk from the cathedral and within walking distance of the Alhambra, the Albaicín and the Conference Center. Not far from it, buses depart for the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Mediterranean coast almost every hour.

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Madrid School

Madrid is conveniently located in the center of the peninsula, with ski slopes an hour away and any Spanish destination at no more than a 6-hours ride. It’s a great jump-off point for traveling, but you might not want to leave when you start attending football games, concerts, the theater, bullfights, and take to the streets drinking on terraces and partying ’til the sun comes up.

If you’re looking for a language school that’s just as diverse as the city of Madrid, you’ve found the right place! Enforex Madrid, our second largest Spanish school in Spain, welcomes students of all ages from all over the world, as well as Spaniards who join us to study English, French and German. It’s an incredibly multicultural, friendly and open environment with recently renovated facilities. All of this adds up to a lively international environment that reflects the wonderful city itself. The school is just 10 minutes walk from Malasaña, one of the most popular neighborhoods for going out and eating out.

Come to learn the Spanish language in Madrid and join in the fun… you’ll consider yourself a true “madrileño” in no time!

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Málaga School

Malaga, located on the southern coast of Spain, is home to the second largest Mediterranean port and enjoys average yearly temperatures of 23ºC (73ºF). It’s a small city with a population of about 600,000, which creates a friendly, warm environment to learn Spanish.

Our partner school in Malaga combines studies and leisure effortlessly: we have our very own pool, and the beach is just across the street! The school is designed in harmony with its natural environment, with 2 outdoor classrooms and gardens to enjoy the Costa del Sol’s abundant sunny days. If you’re not much of a city person but want to have an urban center at hand, this is the perfect environment for you. And if you’re a beach lover… well, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better location!

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Marbella School

Marbella, the undisputed highlight of the Costa del Sol, is an exclusive Mediterranean resort town with some of the best beaches in Europe. Its beautiful parks and gardens, top-notch golf courses and picturesque old quarter, or “Casco Antiguo,” make Marbella a relaxing yet stimulating place to learn Spanish.

Enforex Marbella, with a capacity of 130 students, is a small school designed around open-air spaces to enjoy the city’s excellent year-round weather. The center’s size fosters a community feel, where Spaniards mingle with internationals between all the language classes we offer: Spanish, English, French and German. It’s just 5 minute walk from the beach and the Maritime Promenade

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Pamplona School

Pamplona is so much more than “San Fermines” and the Running of the Bulls. Get to know the true Pamplona: a tranquil, safe city with a high quality of life, phenomenal cuisine and a lively night scene, perfect for enjoying the many charms of northern Spain.

Our Spanish school in Pamplona is a magnificent setting to spend your educational vacation in Spain. We occupy the top floor of the city’s prestigious medical school. From the building’s elegant façade to its spectacular, glass-enclosed restaurant, you’ll find that old world beauty meats modernity in our comfortable classrooms and library equipped with Wi-Fi and free Internet access. It’s only 5 minutes walking from the city’s central square.

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Salamanca School

Salamanca, known as Spain’s “Golden City,” is home to the world’s 5th oldest university and a wealth of gorgeous historical buildings. A city comprised mainly of students, Salamanca is renowned for its lively nightlife and high concentration of bars and clubs. It’s the perfect place to get integrated into Spanish university life and meet other Spaniards your age.

Living in Salamanca is like being transported to another era: the entire city center is composed of golden, historic buildings dating as far back as the 13th century. Our Salamanca Spanish school blends right in, a former convent of sandstone right in the heart of town. On the other hand, modern amenities like sports facilities and air offer you the best of both worlds. Located on the city center, on the corner of Gran Vía, is just 5 minute walk from the Plaza Mayor, Salamanca’s main squar.

If living in a university town, partaking in a wild nightlife and enjoying masterpieces of golden architecture appeals to you, we recommend you learn Spanish in Salamanca.

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Seville School

If you want to learn Spanish in the folkloric heart of Spain, then Seville is the city for you.

Sumptuous cuisine, a vibrant tapas culture, ubiquitous terraces, a lively nightlife, the most authentic flamenco performances in Spain, amazing festivals like the Feria de Sevilla and much, much more.

Enforex Seville captures the essence of the city’s charm: it’s a white-washed building in the heart of the Old Town, “Barrio Santa Cruz”. When class lets out, you can lose yourself along the area’s historic winding streets – just a stone’s throw from the Cathedral and Alcazar – or relax on our rooftop terrace and revel in the incredible number of sunny days Seville enjoys every year. Our Spanish school in Seville is a historic landmark, designed by the same architect that erected one of Seville’s most emblematic monuments, “Plaza de España”.

Come to learn Spanish in Seville and discover it for yourself!.

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Tenerife School

Set in the Atlantic Ocean, it enjoys a mild climate during the fall and winter with temperatures around 22° C, so the island – the largest of the Canary Islands – naturally welcomes a steady flow of visitors from Spain and abroad.

Our partner Spanish school is located in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife’s second largest tourist city. It’s a setting full of lush gardens perfect for strolling, along with plazas and promenades with open-air spots for drinking and eating. The greatest attraction in Puerto de la Cruz is Lago Martianez, a group of seawater pools conceived by local artist Cesar Manrique, where bathers can enjoy the sun, water and beautiful surrounding gardens.

A small, familiar school with the capacity for 170 students, Enforex partner school in Tenerife is perfect for beach and sun lovers looking to learn Spanish in an intimate setting.

Come to learn Spanish in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife and discover it for yourself!

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Valencia School

Valencia is Spain’s third largest city and has experienced a cultural renaissance in recent years. Located on the Mediterranean coast, it has everything from pristine beaches to fascinating architecture, a world-class soccer team and a nightlife that lasts ’til dawn. It’s a wonderful place to learn Spanish because although it’s a big city, it still has a small town feel that makes foreigners feel at home. Learn Spanish in Valencia and experience it for yourself!

Enforex Valencia is a large, wheelchair-accessible school with the capacity to hold 600 students. Some of these may be Spaniards taking other language classes at the center, which makes it easy for you to practice Spanish outside the classroom! The school is right in front of Valencia’s main university, and 20 minutes away from the city center and beach.

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