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Learning Spanish in Marbella is synonymous with tranquility and comfort wherever you go. Take a relaxing stroll around its parks and gardens, visit the Ralli Museum and its collection of Latin American art, and swim at the beach whenever you want. In Marbella you have the Mediterranean at your feet, so you can enjoy the city while you learn Spanish and experience the Mediterranean culture first hand.

If there is a high-class destination to be found in Spain, it certainly has to be Marbella. This undisputed highlight of the sunny Costa del Sol is an exclusive Mediterranean resort town with some of the best beaches in Europe. It also has beautiful parks and gardens, top notch golf courses, and a picturesque old quarter, making Marbella a relaxing yet stimulating place to learn Spanish as well as a fantastic place just to spend some time in the sun and enjoy the city's many attractions.

Sparkling modernity and a dazzling past

Boutique and luxury stores, marinas packed with yachts and catamarans, sports cars driving on the roads… all this can be found in Marbella if you take a look around. But the town is so much more; it is also a very important historical city with countless examples of Gothic and Moorish architecture. Particularly found in the old quarter, this architecture has been well preserved and takes you on a journey through Spanish hisotory.

A touch of swagger

Marbella is a preferred destination by many of the world's rich and famous, so you will be in good company while you are here. In fact, you may run into one or two well known faces during your time learning Spanish in Marbella if you are lucky and you keep your eyes open. This once modest fishing village is now a rich and exuberant city, and it is very desirable in terms of real estate, so the atmosphere here is quite different to what you might find in some of the other, more tourist driven cities in Spain.

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