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Getting Ready for Camp

Are you ready to get packing for camp? Do you want more details on the summer camp logistics? We have put together some information for you here that will allow you to prepare your child – and yourself – for their stay at a Spanish Summer Camp, so that there is nothing left to chance and you can get the peace of mind to know that everything is ready to go.

We want your children to learn Spanish in the most comfortable environment that we can possibly provide. That is why we take the time to put special emphasis on things like transportation and medical care, so that you do not have to worry about a thing. Whether you are sending a young child 5 years old or an 18-year-old raring to go exploring on their own, there are a lot of ways in which you can prepare, even if it is just by reading the information we have put together here to see that we have taken care of some things for you.

In this section we will explain in detail how we have organized things like transportation to the camps, what our medical service is like, what days you can visit your children, and how our laundry service works, among a wide range of other elements of the camp. This will give you all of the details that you need to know in order to begin getting ready, so that you know that your children will be safe and you can prepare them for the trip by letting them know what will happen. If you are coming down to stay nearby then you will have all of the details to ensure that you are able to see them when it is possible to do so, and you will also be able to have the reassurance of what will be going on at all times if you are not going to be coming with them.

Particularly when it comes to the older children who are keen to travel on their own and who may insist that they do not need your help getting ready, as parents it is important to feel that you are very much in the loop and that you know all of the details – after all, they are still children and it is important to you that they are well looked after when you are not around. After reading the information we have here, not only will you be ready to let them go and have a great time by themselves, but you will also know exactly what you need to double check that they have in their suitcases before they set off. Just be ready to hear endless stories about how much they enjoyed the camp, as well as a lot of talk in Spanish, as soon as they get home to you again – as well as questions about next year!

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