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Lead the Way

12 lessons per 2-week period

Play hard and work hard! Experienced teachers inspire kids to imagine, dream, and shape their future as they explore what leadership is all about. Effective communication, assertiveness, and thoughtful decision-making are just some of the skills students will develop along the road to self-discovery.

A variety of fun and enriching group activities will help the young leaders grow and support each other as they learn about different personality types and assimilate life skills including self-reflection, emotional intelligence, and how best to use different communication styles.

And what’s more, students will learn the essential dos and don'ts of debate and public speaking as they tackle fun challenges designed to put them in a variety of situations. Once they have discovered and practiced their natural speaking style in our comfortable and supportive environment, they'll be ready to take on the world.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship is available at the following destinations:

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