Summer Language Camps - Why Attend Enforex Summer Camps?
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Why Attend Enforex Summer Language Camps?

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Summer camp students
  • Spanish and international students spend 24 hours a day in a culturally diverse learning environment, living in dormitories or with a Spanish host family.
  • Spanish & English language classes are complemented by cultural workshops, art projects, trips, entertainment and sports, creating a varied, unforgettable experience.
  • After morning language classes, students have ample time to get to know each other in a nurturing, active, multicultural environment.
  • We employ a constantly evolving teaching methodology and interactive curriculum, developed by our expert educators, coaches and administrators.
  • The 8 summer language camps are exclusively located at Spain's most prestigious private school facilities.
  • The summer camp staff encourages campers to build friendships while providing energetic, highly involved supervision.
  • Students may choose to combine sessions in 6 different cities and 8 different camps.
  • 24-hour supervision by our dedicated staff.
  • Families can spend holidays together, as parents may travel with their children.

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