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Experts around the world agree that childhood through adolescence is the best time to begin learning a second language. In fact, children who begin learning a foreign language at an early age not only have a head start for future language classes but also demonstrate critical thinking, mental flexibility, creativity, listening and memory skills that generally surpass those of their monolingual peers. Plus, from an early age they are likely to have an open mind, a greater social awareness and an appreciation for other cultures and their differences.

Summers at Enforex are always fun and full of life. For the past 30 years, we have organized international summer programs and camps for children and teenagers, creating unforgettable experiences. Our camps help create lifelong friendships between campers from around the world. 60% of our student body is comprised of Spanish students and 40% of international students representing over 80 nationalities. All campers live a true Spanish immersion camp while developing interpersonal skills and enjoying activities of all kinds.

8 International Spanish Immersion Camps

For Kids and Teens (5 - 18 years old)

  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Salamanca
  • Malaga
  • Marbella Centro
  • Valencia
  • Marbella Elviria
  • Marbella Las Chapas

Our Spanish immersion camps in Spain are designed for children and teenagers ages 5 and up and have proven to be a wonderful way for youngsters to spend a part of their summer vacations. Participants will be immersed in Spanish language classes, activities, excursions and games, all of which combines to form a fun yet extremely formative and character-building experience.

Camp participants are divided into groups according to age, so your teenager doesn't have to worry about playing board games with a six-year-old and six-year-olds clearly won't be playing basketball with teenagers. Thousands of children - both Spanish and international - have attended our Spanish immersion camps, and many return year after year! While at camp, your child will have 100% supervision provided by our dedicated team of camp counselors, supervisors and language teachers.

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