Valencia History
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Much more than a series of monotonous displays and drab placards, the Valencia History Museum treats an old topic - history - with a very new, visitor-oriented approach. Here, modern technology and interactive features make even ancient history seem accessible and not so very far away.

Over 2,000 years of city history are explored in the Valencia History Museum, ranging from the Romans and Visigoths right up through the 20th century. Put together with the collaboration of Valencia's top historians, the museum seeks to tell the story of Valencia's past with all sorts of top-notch, cutting-edge multimedia and computer-generated visuals.

Step into time period booths, where you immerse yourself in the realistic atmosphere of bygone eras and watch as historical figures debate and socialize about happenings. Then you can even step into a time machine and, with the turn of a wheel, watch as Valencia grows and develops before your eyes; the incredible visuals of the time machine, a high-tech CGI installation, is accompanied by tidbits of information about the events, buildings, customs and people that you see.

Comprehensive and extremely informative yet fun and definitely entertaining, the Valencia History Museum will have you marveling at the complex and multicultural history that led to the city you see today. Interested? Just stop by the school reception and sign up to come along with us on our school-organized visit!

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