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Study Spanish in Seville, Spain

If you want to learn Spanish in the folkloric heart of Spain, then Seville is the city for you as this is the ideal location to learn about tradition and Spanish culture in its strongest form.

Sumptuous cuisine, a vibrant tapas culture, ubiquitous terraces on which to relax, a lively nightlife which is always going, the most authentic flamenco performances in Spain, amazing yearly festivals like the Feria de Sevilla and much, much more await you in this city. Come to learn Spanish in Seville and discover it for yourself, and you will certainly not be disappointed by what you find! In fact, you may find that you do not want to leave.

Seville is considered by many to be the most “authentic” city in Spain thanks to the heritage that is still strong there. Countless travelers find everything they ever imagined discovering in Spain near the shores of the Guadalquivir River; culture, tradition, social gatherings, gastronomy and even life philosophy that is unique and interesting. A true visit to Spain is incomplete if it does not include a stop in Seville, as this is an important city in many ways.

Seville has always been important to Spain in a historic sense. When the Spanish Empire was thriving in its heyday, the large majority of the New World discoveries passed through the city making it one of the richest places during the period, as merchants and traders gathered here to buy goods from those who gathered them from far off shores or won them in battle on the high seas. Those exciting times have now passed into history, but today Seville is still an incredible destination which offers much evidence of the adventure and wealth which used to be found here. On top of that, it also has a rich range of architecture which was built by rich merchants during those times, and which you can admire as you walk through the older areas of the town. On top of this, we run a range of different courses in Seville, so you can pick and choose in order to find something that suits your needs as well as possible to give you a great start.

Are you looking for more information about Seville that can tell you whether or not it is the city for you to study in? Check out our information packed Seville travel guide in order to find out about all that this Andalusian gem of a city has to offer: what to do during your visit in order to get the most exciting experiences, things to see that just cannot be missed, when to go to have the best weather or to witness one of the yearly festivals which take place here, interesting little facts and tidbits which might raise your interest, and much more! Anything that you need to know in order to figure out whether or not to go for Seville in your studies is available here.

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