Sevilla Excursions & Activities
Popular destinations in Spain

Sevilla Cultural Activities

The most common weekly activities at our Spanish school in Sevilla, held during the afternoon / evening, are:

Activities in Sevilla (Seville)
  • Welcome dinner in a typical restaurant with a professor
  • Guided city tour through the most important and interesting parts of town
  • Visits to Sevilla's museums (Archaeological, Arts & Customs...)
  • Spanish film nights
  • Visit to Maestranza bullring & bullfighting museum
  • Museum visits

Weekend Excursions from Sevilla

Sevilla's prime location allows us to offer trips to Portugal as well as local visits within the city, nearby beaches and small town treasures. These trips are scheduled for weekends. Below you can see a few of our most common weekend trips:

  • Córdoba
  • Carmona
  • Itálica
  • Isla de Tavira
  • Cádiz
  • Granada

For more information about the opportunities on offer when you embark on a Spanish course in Sevilla, please take a look at the monthly activity calendar in our special Students Corner section.

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