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Study Spanish in Colombia

We’re broadening our study destination options to include one of Latin America’s most charismatic countries; Colombia is joining Enforex in 2014!

Located in the northwestern part of South America, Colombia is the Spanish speaking country with the third largest population (about 47 million people). The rich history here also makes this an attractive place to visit, where you can experience pre-Colombian archeological sites, nature parks, and beaches on the shores of the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean.

The country’s Spanish heritage is visible in the historic areas of Cartagena and Bogotá. Carlos V de España himself described Bogotá as “very noble, very loyal, and the oldest city of the New Kingdom”. Colombia is an ideal destination for all types of visitors, from those that wish to explore its stunning natural beauty to those that enjoy gaining first-hand insight into places that have made history.

Colombia also currently has one of Latin America’s most prosperous economies. As an emerging economy of great importance, many companies are doing business here, making knowledge of the country, its culture, and its language, essential.

Now is the time to learn Spanish in Colombia!

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