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Girona is an enchanting medieval city in Catalonia, located just an hour from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona. Its history dates back to the Roman Empire, which called the city "Gerundo" back in the first century B.C. Girona today still preserves numerous Roman ruins, namely a stretch of the city's original wall.

Girona's Old Quarter is the heart and soul of the city as well as home to the bulk of the city's attractions. This part of town is still largely enclosed by the medieval fortifications, built between the 9th and 15th centuries, that you can walk upon for stunning views of the city and its surroundings.

Within the Old Quarter you'll find El Call, which centuries ago was the city's Jewish district. This labyrinth of tiny, winding streets is truly enchanting and getting lost in it will make you feel as if you traveled back in history. Also in the Old Quarter is the city's famous Cathedral, a Gothic edifice constructed into the 15th century that conserves the previous Romanesque cathedral's stunning cloister and boasts the world's widest Gothic nave. Scattered in its surroundings are numerous buildings dating back to Romanesque and Gothic times, such as the Romanesque Sant Pere de Galligants Church and the the Gothic churches of Sant Feliu and Sant Doménech.

Once you explore the Old Town, head down towards the river for a glimpse of Girona's characteristic "Casas del Oñar" (Houses of the Oñar River), a row of picturesque, colorful houses that seem to hang almost precariously over the river.

While in town, definitely take advantage of the opportunity to try some of the best food in the world. Catalonia has been making waves for years now for its innovative cuisine, which often mixes ingredients that nobody else would even imagine combining. It's delicious and surprising, and Girona actually has some of Spain's top restaurants.

Taking Spanish courses in Girona will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to really get to know this truly lovely medieval city. For more information, please visit our handy Girona Guide

Spanish Courses in Girona

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