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Brimming with history, culture and beauty, the charming medieval city of Girona is a wonderful place to spend time and study Spanish.

The Old Quarter, where the original Roman city of Gerundo once stood, is still almost entirely enclosed within the medieval walls that were built between the 9th and 15th centuries. It's also brimming with atmosphere, picturesque streets and monuments that span the centuries. First on the list is El Call; for centuries this section of the Old Quarter was home to the city's Jewish community, that is until the Spanish Inquisition which resulted in their expulsion. With tiny, winding alleys, buildings practically built one on top of another and endless nooks and crannies, El Call is widely considered to be one of Europe's best-preserved medieval nuclei... and we certainly don't disagree.

Next up is the Cathedral of Girona, a 14th-century Gothic edifice built upon the site of a former Romanesque cathedral from which it conserves a lovely cloister. Also of note is the nave, which is the widest Gothic nave in the world. Pretty impressive for a small city, no? Other must-sees in Girona include the medieval walls, which you can walk along, the famous colorful houses perched along the Oñar riverfront, a handful of surprisingly interesting museums, and a number of centuries-old religious buildings- the Romanesque Sant Pere de Galligants, the Gothic Sant Doménech Convent, the Gothic Sant Feliu Church and several others.

Throw in beautifully verdant parks, top-notch dining and drinking establishments, innovative Catalán cuisine and an unbeatable location that provides for excursions to the peaks of the Pyrenees, the shores of the Mediterranean and several national parks, Girona is a destination that doesn't disappoint.

When you study Spanish in Girona, you can discover all of this and much more. Meanwhile, get all sorts of tourist and practical information with our Girona Guide

Study Spanish in Girona

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