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Founded as the Roman town of Gerundo in the 1st century B.C., Girona is an extremely pretty medieval town that reads like a Spanish history lesson.

The heart and soul of Girona is without a doubt its Old Quarter, where you'll find Roman ruins as well as a slew of architectural treasures representing the entire trajectory of the city's history. It's even still mostly enclosed within its original medieval walls, built between the 9th and 15th centuries.

El Call, the historic Jewish neighborhood, is a fascinating web of tiny, winding alleys and centuries-old buildings within the Old Quarter. This delightful place to get lost is also considered to be one of the best-preserved medieval nuclei in all of Europe. Other sights within the Old Quarter include a handful of Romanesque and Gothic churches, delightful bars and restaurants, the medieval walls and the 14th century Gothic cathedral, which has the widest Gothic nave in the world and preserves the breathtaking cloister of the original Romanesque cathedral that the present cathedral replaced.

Head down towards the river to see Girona's characteristic "casas del Oñar" (houses of the Oñar River), a picturesque row of colorful façades that seem to hang precariously over the edge of the Oñar River. Just cross over one of the footbridges spanning the river for a great view of the houses with the Old Quarter and cathedral in the background.

When you sign up for classes at a Spanish school in Girona, you can discover this picturesque and historical city for yourself. In the meantime, learn more with our Girona Guide

Spanish School in Girona

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