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Burgos is the home to many interesting venues and there will always be a long list of activities for you to check out, with its fiery summers and ice cold winters there is always a contrast in the weather keeping you on your toes. The cathedral has to be the main point of interest as it has the tomb of El Cid under its foundations and has an impressive story to how it came to be at its present appearance today but first lets go into a bit of detail about the important stuff, the food!

The food in burgos is known for its natural and local ingrediants and that can only be a good thing, one thing on the menu that has to be tasted is the queso de burgos, translating to the cheese of burgos. This particular brand of cheese is made from sheeps milk and is a very soft and milky texture and taste that goes well with a wide selection of meals. Though if that isnt your kind of thing, no problem the local people are very resourceful with their produce and lamb is certainly considered the most popular choice of meat. You can get anything from a roasted head to the stewed feet and anything inbetween so don't be afraid to try something new and discover a new favourite! You can also find a winner in pork, as their chorizo is a popular dish as mentioned the focus on raising quality meat is integrated in their culture and traditions.

Now for a couple of the sights, be sure to take a look at the church of Miraflores it was originally a place Henry III called home but after it was burnt down it became the church it is known as today. It has a detailed façade with a rather basic colourscheme but is still impressive and will spark your interest to explore further.

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Spanish Schools in Burgos

Although Burgos is great, sadly there aren't any language schools there at present to help you learn the skill of a language but not to worry! There are several locations if you click the link below and explore the website to places all around Spain and latin America that will cater to your needs and help you learn in an exciting environment! So go check out the website and take that first step to learning a new language!

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