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Burgos is an exciting place which certainly doesnt waste any space with everything serving a purpose, one of the most important aspects of the town is that its the final resting place of El Cid. It has one of the best Gothic style cathedrals around with its impressive combination of spires and detailed design. It has an interesting story behind it as it started life as a simple church and over the years pieces were added to make it the artistic wonder it is today with aspects such as the Twin Towers.

If your looking to further your religious knowledge of Burgos then be sure to put the church of Miraflores on your list of things to do, it originally served as Henry III's palace but after that was burnt down it became what it is known as today and you can have tour around for free!

Burgos has a beautiful range of parks, one of which dates back to the 9th century named Castillo de Burgos and will captivate your eyes with its natural delight and give you somewhere to relax and kick back for a while. It was also home to a castle in 1813 by French troops and the ruins of that castle can still be seen, certainly a place to grab that picture perfect moment.

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Learn Spanish in Burgos

At present there isn't a language school available in Burgos but be sure to check the link below which will display all of the locations around Spain and Latin America that do have the schools and are ready to teach you the lifelong skill of the Spanish language to get much more out of your travels around Spanish speaking countries in the future.

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