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Be sure to make Burgos one of the places you visit whilst going to Spain, it has a range of activities that will keep you busy and a great reputation for their local and natural food to keep those tastebuds happy! One of the most important facts about the area is the cathedral that you will hear is home to the tomb of El Cid, who was a legendary soldier and if you haven't already check out the culture section to read all about him and the journeys he took throughout his time. Now onto the Cathedral, it started life quite humbly as a church and throughout the years it had additions to its structure and is now what you can see today a combination of impressive spires and a painfully accurate designs that will keep your camera at the ready.

As mentioned the food in Burgos is of first class rate as they take their gastronomy seriously and this also goes for the quality of the ingrediants they create, it can be seen in the cheese of the town known simply as queso de burgos. A milky soft cheese it will go down well complimenting most meals and drinks but though its understandable it wont be for everybody so be rest assured in the knowledge that Burgos locals are quite handy at serving up several excellent lamb and pork dishes to keep you licking your lips.

After a good meal you wont have any excuse not wanting to get involved in the festivities and one of those is known as the festividad de san Pedro y San Pablo, it takes place during the last days of June going into mid July. It involves the events of bullfighting and general music entertainment to keep everyone singing and dancing. If the food has tired you out and you fancy a little rest, then why not visit one of the beautiful parks around and one worth noting is the Castillo de Burgos originating from the 9th century it is home to some captiviating scenery.
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Study Spanish in Burgos

Although right now there aren't any language schools in Burgos we are working on it and if you click the link below you will see a whole list of great places to check out to learn the interesting skill of a language that will help you in later life whatever you do. So be sure to check out the exciting places and see what catches your fancy.

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