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Spanish Versions of Famous International Singers

Who is the Spanish Justin Bieber? Is there any Spanish singer as famous as Springsteen or Lady Gaga? Don't miss this article!

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If you have a Spanish friend it’s very likely you’ve noticed that we Spaniards tend to look for Spanish equivalents of international celebrities, artists and pop stars. We’ll say things like, “I think the Spanish Bruno Mars is Xuso Jones.” We can’t seem to help ourselves. So in case it comes up in conversation one day, take a look at some of these Spanish versions of some of the biggest international musicians out there. Ready?

Bruce Springsteen = Rosendo Mercado

When it comes to a rock and roller through and through, a lyricist who transmits the best and worst of a society and an artist who appeals to audiences of all ages, you may think Bruce Springsteen, but in Spain, Rosendo Mercado is the artist who pops to the top of the list. How about a song to illustrate our point? His Maneras de Vivir (Ways of Living) is the perfect example.

Johnny Cash = Loquillo

Loquillo is a singer with charisma and experience with a deep, broken voice. His lyrics, like Johnny Cash, speak of a disenchanted world, but one that you can live through if you’re a tough guy. Loquillo is such a perfect Spanish Johnny Cash that he has done great Cash covers on several occasions. And here’s an interesting little factoid: the name “Loquillo” comes from the Spanish name for the main character in the Woody Woodpecker cartoons. Looking for a song you may recognize by Loquillo? If you’ve been in Spain for more than a minute you’ve probably heard his Feo, Fuerte and Formal (Ugly, Strong and Dignified).

Lady Gaga = Monica Naranjo

When it comes to artists with rule-breaking attitudes, daring outfits, powerful sets and lyrics that range from the provocative to aggressively radical or revolutionary, Lady Gaga and her Spanish equivalent Mónica Naranjo come to mind. Mónica Naranjo, like Lady Gaga, has passionate fans and passionate opponents. Some of her videos, in fact, have been calculatedly controversial. The song that made her famous was Desátame (Release me).

Justin Bieber = Abraham Mateo

Lyrics about how to attract the girl he likes, the sweet voice of good boy, and a powerful fan following and phenomenon… While half of the girls in the world go crazy for Justin Bieber, Spanish-speaking girls are in love with Abraham Mateo. And by the way, there was quite a stir on Twitter when the album “AM” by Arctic Monkeys became a Trending Topic and Spanish fans thought the hype was about the album “AM” by Abraham Mateo.

What do you think about these comparisons? Think there’s a Spanish singer who is even more similar to the English speaking equivalent? Any other examples come to mind? Want to know who the Spanish equivalent of your favorite artist is? Tell us! And get the party started!

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