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Spanish Architecture Course at Enforex Valencia

Learn Spanish and Architecture at Enforex Valencia: a unique experience that will help you to understand the art, and even Spanish philosophy

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Whenever we think of Spanish architecture we inevitable think of old samples: a Gothic cathedral, a Mudejar tower, a Neoclassic place… but urbanism and development have not stopped there. On the contrary, many of the most reputed modern architects stem from Spain: Santiago Calatrava, Ricardo Bofill, Carlos Rubio Carvajal or Félix Candela are known worldwide and are linked to major projects, such as the Cuatro Torres Business Area in Madrid, the Turia Gardens or the Palacio de Artes Reina Sofía (the latter two in Valencia).

Therefore, we believe our architecture merits its own Spanish course. And what better place to learn about it than our Enforex school in Valencia? This city, one of the oldest in Spain, blends buildings and constructions from practically every civilization to have left its mark in Europe.

A simple tour of the different neighborhoods will take us through Roman ruins, medieval towers, remains of Islamic walls, a Modernist train station… not to mention what has recently become the city’s most distinctive emblem: the futurist Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (City of the Arts and Sciences), which yearly welcomes thousands of visitors.

Students embarking on this course will be able to discover, through guided tours, the secrets, history and techniques harboured by the buildings of the city, which have become true icons, not only at a regional but at a national level, in their own right.

So hesitate no more and come learn Spanish and Architecture at Enforex Valencia: a unique experience that will help you to understand, not only our language, but our art, and even our philosophy.

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