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Enforex Schools activities

Enforex school activities to learn the Spanish language, taking in the culture and understanding the context

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Learning the language is just one part of learning Spanish, taking in the culture and so understanding the context of the language is another, so at Enforex we organize a number of activities so that our students have the best possible opportunity to absorb the best of Spain and have special memories of their time in the land of bullfighters, sangria and flamenco.

Some activities are free and others have a fee involved to cover the cost of overnight accommodation, transport and entry fees, depending on what the activity is and what it involves.

Every school offers city orientation walking tours so that new students have the chance to take in their new Spanish surroundings and decide for themselves what and where they want to explore further.

Film screenings allow students to see a Spanish film and discuss the themes of the movie and the different museum visits give a great insight into other parts of Spanish culture.

The tapa tours are another of our popular activities, taste testing some of the best local gastronomy in the area and washing it down with a glass or three of Rioja or cerveza – it’s a great introduction to Spanish food and Spain’s particular bar culture.

There are plenty of excursions to choose from at all of our Spanish schools so you can guarantee that there is something to suit you. Each month sees different activities too, so if you are studying long term, you’ll have more opportunities to enjoy the different options available at your school.

What’s going on at your Enforex school this month? Check out the activities calendar to find out!

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