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2nd Spanish Language Congress “Los II Encuentros ELE Comillas”

The training course will take place during the conference “The II ELE Comillas Meetings”. Enforex takes part of this congress

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The training course, titled “The teacher of Spanish as a Second Language: methodology, techniques and resources for the classroom”, will take place during the congress “ II Encuentros ELE Comillas” on 18 – 20 November. During the course, various aspects and methodologies of the teaching of Spanish as a second language will be discussed, while at the same time new approaches to language learning will be suggested. The general aim is to provide teachers and professionals active in this line of work with the opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and new developments in language research.

This year, the symposia and round-table conferences host a series of guests from a wide range of language institutions and organizations, such as the Cervantes Institute, the Official Language School of Madrid, the publishing house Edinumen, the University of Alcalá, Antonio de Nebrija, the Autónoma Universities of Barcelona and Granada, Pompeu Fabra, the National University of Language Education and Enforex.

On November 19th, our school takes part in the conference “The process of development of teaching material for Spanish as a Second Language. Techniques and Strategies for the Elaboration of Materials”, presented by Isabel Bueso, teacher at Enforex Salamanca. One of the subjects for discussion will be the design and arrangement of new activities and tasks that positively affect the learning of a foreign language.

Enforex will also be represented during the various meetings on November 20th. For example, we participate in the round-table conference “Methodological Approaches to the Teaching Materials of Spanish as a Second Language”. María José Gelabert (Academic Director of Enforex) will be the moderator during a debate on issues such as the development of language programmes, curricular orientation, examination and manuals. Also, new lines of investigation in the area of material-development for Spanish as a Second Language will be further explored.

Other topics that will be discussed are “The Use of Facebook in the Spanish Language Classroom: Does it improve the writing skills of our students?”, “The Digital Media and the Web 2.0 in de Spanish Language Classroom”, or “Textbooks used in Canada: What can it teach us about the dialectical varieties in Spanish?”.

These meetings, all of which will take place at “Fundación Comillas”, are aimed both at teachers and students of Spanish as a Second Language as well as teachers and students of other disciplines with an interest in this academic area. In addition, these meetings are a general expression of the increased importance of Spanish in the international environment.

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