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My Internship in Valencia

One of our students from Nederlands tell us about the experience of working in Spain with us. The Enforex students opinions

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My name is Eline Oosterveld and I´m doing my internship at the Language School Enforex in Valencia. I´d like to talk about my experience here:

My experience in Valencia was different than I expected, but it sure was a great one. It was my second time I worked at a reception and I´ve seen that there is a great difference between working in The Netherlands and working in Spain, because you have to get used to the language. I learned that there are many things to remember, but it will get easy once you do these regularly.

I like living in Spain. The people are very relaxed and most of them are very kind! I could get used to the Spanish culture easily: the Spanish food, eating at different times than I do in my country, etc.

I think doing your internship abroad is always an advantage, first because it looks good on your CV and also because you learn much about yourself and about habits and other cultures.

I love Valencia!

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