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Spanish School in Granada, Spain
Enforex Granada School
Address:C/ Palacios 13
18009 Granada, Spain

Learn Spanish in Granada

Our Spanish school is a five-story building with fully equipped classrooms and modern facilities. Classrooms have lots of windows and balconies, providing plenty of natural light. You will be surrounded by other international students who are eager and enthusiastic about learning Spanish. At the same time, you’ll be charmed by the school’s intimate learning environment. All of our qualified teachers are passionate and invested in helping you to create the best experience possible. You will have access to a small library, a common area with computers to use, and free Wi-Fi. Once class is over, Granada’s top attractions are just a short walk away.

  • Minimum student age: 14 years old
  • Schedule: 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.*

*All schools open at 8 a.m. on Mondays for new students who need to take the placement test.


  • Downtown, just a couple minutes' walk from the cathedral, and within walking distance of the Alhambra, the Albaicín, and the Conference Center
  • Not far from the school, buses depart for the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Mediterranean coast almost every hour
  • Almost all student accommodation options are located a short walk away. Even the student residence is in the same building as the school!
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  • The school occupies an entire 5-story building
  • Lots of windows and balconies overlooking the street, providing the school with an open atmosphere and plenty of natural light
  • A reception area
  • Wi-Fi throughout the school
  • Computers and audiovisual equipment
  • Recreation room where you can watch TV or videos, play board games or darts, listen to music, read books or newspapers, etc.
  • Teachers' room
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Student Comments

Granada, the "Moorish Jewel" of southern Spain, is ideally located on the rolling hills of the Baetic mountain range. Picturesque to the core, the city is sheltered to the north by the imposing Sierra Nevada, which overlooks the entire landscape with its perennially snow-speckled peaks. Thanks to its position in a beautiful valley, the city has a temperate climate throughout the year. For these, and many other reasons, our Spanish school in Granada counts among the most popular in our organization.

Moreover, all of Granada's most captivating attractions can be easily reached from our school, including the fascinating Albaicín neighborhood, one of the ancient centers of the Muslim city, with charming narrow alleys that twist and turn, to the breathtaking Palace of La Alhambra, the other urban nucleus of the medieval town, with its colorful ceramic tiles and inspiring architecture.

A Small City with Tremendous Wealth

One of the great advantages of our Spanish school in Granada revolves around the fact that it is within distance of most places of interest. Not only because it is right in the heart of town but also because, for all its history and all its glory, Granada is a small city with only about a quarter of a million people.

Equipped with Wi-Fi throughout the building, our school boasts an ample reception with comfy common areas, such as a computer lab, a recreation room, and a teachers' room, as well as beautiful balconies that overlook the streets of the city. The vast number of windows ensure that the rooms are filled with a great deal of cheerful natural light. Centrally heated during the colder months and equipped with air conditioning units for the summer, you will always feel comfortable in our cozy building.

Enforex Granada is a small school, with a capacity of 150 students, making it a perfect place to receive personalized attention and to feel right at home. And yet, with a variety of different Spanish courses available, these 150 people form a small global village where cultures and impressions are exchanged in all sorts of languages. When you come to Granada with Enforex, you will discover the charm, goodwill, and beauty of Andalusia.

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