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If you have been looking for an online list in which you can find the main greeting expressions used in Spanish speaking countries by the native speakers there, then you have come to the right place by visiting our site. Here you will find all of the relevant phrases which you may need, along with their English translations to make sure that they are all very easy for you to use and to put into normal conversation in a natural way, within the correct context.

As you can see from looking at the list which we have compiled for you, they are few in number, but they are essential. The use of any one of them in their given time is very important when you want to introduce yourself. Of course, you will see that we do not distinguish between “evening” and “night” in Spanish. This is because we know when a good night starts here but we do not know when it may end! There are a lot of benefits to being able to greet and indeed say goodbye to people in the correct way, as there are different situations in which you may talk to someone which require different levels of courtesy and reference to different contexts. For example, if you see someone early in the day it might be considered more polite to say good morning, particularly if you see them regularly; if you are meeting someone for the very first time then you might want to simply go with hello; and if you are saying goodbye, then you might want to reserve an expression such as “see you later” just for those people who you consider to be your friends or who you might actually see later on!

Just as in any culture, it is important to be polite in Spain and knowing the right greetings is a part of this. As a staple of everyday conversation, it is something that you would not be able to imagine not knowing in your own language – after all, just think about how many times you must end up using expressions like these every single day! To start a conversation with someone that you have met on the street, to mark the fact that you have arrived at work and greet your co-workers, to start a conversation over the phone or through email, and even just to draw someone’s attention to you at a certain time when you need to speak to them... the list goes on and on, and it cannot be denied that being able to use these expressions is going to be of the utmost importance for anyone who is starting to learn Spanish. Make sure that you get a head start on learning these expressions today by studying those which you can read here in depth.

Good morning.Buenos días.
Good afternoon. Buenas tardes.
Good evening.Buenas noches.
Good night. Buenas noches.
See you later. Hasta luego.
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