Basic Spanish Vocabulary
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Whether you want to learn new vocabulary from scratch so that you can engage in basic conversations, refresh your memory on what you already know, or learn how to speak Spanish like a native then it is definitely worth learning some basic expressions that might come in use in everyday situations. There are a few listed below that might come in handy in all sorts of common situations, such as when you are out shopping, or having a drink on the terrace, or if you need to go down to the market, and so forth. These can really be useful not just to help with those first conversations that you will try to make with native speakers, but also as the basis for all of the later knowledge that you need to acquire to speak in full fluency.

From the basic numbers or most common colors, to different forms of etiquette such as please and thank you, we have selected the most used phrases in the Spanish language for you to take a look at here. You do not need to worry about how you are going to learn your very first words in Spanish, as we have that covered here! We like to make sure that our students are prepared even before we begin, and that those who are thinking about becoming students in the future can get a taste of the experience first, because at Enforex we are here to help in absolutely any way that we can. Try taking a look at the word lists that we have arranged for you here to see if you can memorise a few of them, and then practice saying them out loud and using them in sentences if you can. Before long you will be well on your way towards speaking like a native in all situations!

Basic Spanish Vocabulary & Expressions

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