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When it comes to basically describing an object and what it looks like, one of the characteristics that we might first mention and which is most important is its color, so it is therefore vital for you to know how to say some of the most common colors in Spanish. These will help you a lot when it comes to all areas of basic conversation, as you will find that you start to run in a lot of difficulty very quickly when you do not know how to describe something by color – particularly since it is one of the most basic and first pieces of vocabulary that you are likely to learn in general.

Colors can also make up parts of other words, so it is important for you to be able to recognise them and know what is being referred to rather than having a big gap in your knowledge in that department. For example, just as the colour orange is the word for the fruit of the same colour in English, so the word for orange in Spanish is also the word for the same fruit! Knowing this bits and pieces of information will help you to work out other words that you are hearing, and will stand you in good stead for future learning.

In this list you will be able to find the Spanish words for the main colors that you might be looking at as well as how to describe their different shades. With this you will quickly be able to ask for basic things like the purple sweater that you like the most or more complex requests like the light blue form that you need to process your documentation. There is really no limit to the ways in which you might want to use colours to talk about things every single day, even when you would not really think about it; for example, when you are talking about the weather (“the sky is grey today, but there are some patches of blue behind those black clouds”), trying to describe someone (“our tutor is the one in the red jacket”), or when in a shop or restaurant and buying something (“I would like the blue box” “I want to order some red wine”, or so forth). Plus, when you are first getting to know someone it might be one of the first questions that you ask to find out more about them – what is their favourite colour? You might even later on try to impress them by talking about how much you like their blue, brown, or green eyes!


Light (ex. light green)
Dark (ex. dark green)
Bright (ex. bright green)
Bold (ex. bold green)

Naranja, anaranjado
Violeta, morado
Rosa, rosado

Claro (ej. verde claro)
Oscuro (ej. verde oscuro)
Vivo (ej. verde vivo)
Intenso (ej. verde intenso)

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