Latin American History
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Here at Enforex you can discover everything that has been going on in Latin America since the origins of the various countries that you can visit with us – and even before those formations, when they were instead swathes of land controlled by various tribes and civilisations - to the present day, with figures such as Che Guevara changing the face of Cuba and guerilla warfare to the liberation of Latin America from the Spanish by Simón Bolívar, all of which contributed to making the countries here what they are today. Politics are a very strong driving force in Latin America, and when you start to study the various events you will realise that many of them were driven by different ideologies and worldviews in a very big way, particularly when it comes to the various revolutions and wars! When you study with us you will be able to check out the events that led to the discovery of the New World and how the Spanish were met by the civilizations of the Americas, such as the Incas, Mayas and the Aztecs – and in many countries you can actually see real evidence of where and when this all happened, with ancient sites that were constructed by these civilisations and then the colonial buildings of the cities that sprang up around the new settlers.

Simply saying that Latin American history is fascinating is an understatement of huge proportions; from the times prior to the Spanish conquest until the present day, there are a multitude of events and historical periods which you can study and which will give you a lot to think about and learn. Each social and historical movement has influenced Latin America as it moved through the region and, in this way, has added unique characteristics and circumstances to the countries and indeed the people that reside there now. The past of these places and the people who have lived in them has left its indelible mark on the present day, and you can see evidence of it everywhere that you turn – and knowing more about it will certainly allow you to understand the cultures much more effectively.

If you want to know more about this history, then you can find different articles here both about the most important historical events to have happened in the past and the most prominent figures who stand out from those events and the times between them. Once you know a little, you will want to go into much greater depth, so do not delay – take a look at the information that we have gathered for your perusal below, and you may find that you are ready to really dive in to learning about the history of Latin America. If you are, remember that in some places we have a Spanish language plus history program in place which will allow you to satisfy that thirst for knowledge during your stay with us even as you learn the language to a much higher degree.

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