Camilo Cienfuegos
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Early Years

Camilo Cienfuegos was born in 1932 and was a significant figure in the Cuban Revolution. It was in 1948 that he was first involved with any kind of political activity, such as protests against the rising bus tariffs. He traveled frequently between Cuba, the USA and Mexico, where he joined several groups that opposed the dictator at the time: Batista. Upon rejoining with Castro, he was head of one of the groups that the rebels were split into and he was able to be victorious against the army in Santa Clara, alongside Che's group.

Sudden Disappearance

Camilo Cienfuegos died when his plane disappeared during a night flight from Camaguey to Havana. The incident still has a certain air of mystery around it, as nobody quite knows completely whether it was an accident or not. He was remembered through this quote by Che Guevara.

"Few men have succeeded in leaving on every action such a distinctive personal mark. He had the natural intelligence of the people who had chosen him out of thousands for a privileged position on account of the audacity of his blows, his tenacity, his intelligence and unequalled devotion. Camilo practiced loyalty like a religion." Che Guevara.

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