Che Guevara
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Che Guevara was one of the most influential characters in the Cuban Revolution and, to this day, he remains an icon to revolutionaries and many of the people in Cuba. Ernest "Che" Guevara was born in 1928 of Argentine descent. He grew up wanting to become a doctor but a trip though South America during his student years changed his mind when he witnessed the appalling poverty people were subjected to. Seeing those with expensive cars and wealth in power made him realize change was needed.

He became part of rebel groups but became frustrated with those not taking any action. He met Raul Castro through acquaintances and this led him to the 26th of July movement, which was fronted by Fidel Castro. Their aim was to take over dictator Batista and Guevara had many roles, which included instructional director of armed forces and a global diplomat of Cuban Socialism.

Guevara had originally been set to be the medic in the revolution movement but, after the first battle proved to be disastrous, he picked up the rifle to get involved, completing his shift from medic to guerilla fighter. He was known for his harsh discipline of fighters and his leadership skills.

Following the Cuban Revolution, Guevara took on numerous roles within the new Cuban government, ranging from reviewing the appeals and punishments of war criminals, Minister of Industries, National Bank President and Instructional Director for Cuba's armed forces. He also traveled the globe as a diplomat and played a role in several international events. He left Cuba in 1965 with the objective of starting revolutions throughout other countries. He went to Bolivia to help the revolution over there but didn't receive the communist support he had expected. He was eventually surrounded, captured and later executed in Bolivia.
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