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Segovia, a city very worthy of its UNESCO World Heritage status, is a town of roughly 57,000 inhabitants located in the rural plains of the central Spanish region of Castilla y León.

Perhaps most famous for the impeccably preserved Roman aqueduct (1st century, A.D.), once part of the elaborate system of underground canals and above-ground aqueducts carrying water to the city from the mountains 15 kilometers away. In a clear example of the Romans' ability to build things to last, the aqueduct remains standing today and composes an essential part of the cityscape. Pass beneath the aqueduct's soaring stone arches and head into the Old Town, an enchanting labyrinth of medieval streets, Romanesque churches, Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance mansions and much more.

Clear across town from the aqueduct is the city's Alcázar, a breathtaking castle straight off the pages of a fairytale. In fact, some even say it was the inspiration for Walt Disney's Cinderella palace. Encircled by a plunging moat, the castle is complete with turrets, witches hats, a keep, elaborate halls and soaring towers.

Another of Segovia's highlights is undoubtedly its gastonomy; even Spaniards from all corners of the country come to Segovia to take in the sights and try the city's famous cochinillo (roast suckling pig), best accompanied by a good glass of Ribera del Duero wine.

When you study Spanish in Segovia, you can experience all of this first-hand! In the meantime, learn more about Segovia with our handy Segovia Guide

Study Spanish in Segovia

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