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Located 50 kilometers from Madrid in the rural plains of Castilla y León is the emblematic Spanish town of Segovia, famous for its Roman aqueduct, its fairytale-like castle and its compact medieval Old Quarter brimming with sights.

The city began as Segobriga, a small Celtic settlement which was taken over in 80 B.C. by the Romans. Under the once mighty Roman Empire, it grew in both size and importance, though it was quite possibly abandoned when the Islamic empire took over much of Spain. Segovia was repopulated in the 11th century as part of the Christian Reconquest and went on to spend the next few centuries as a favorite of Spanish royals, which naturally coincided with the epoch of its greatest prosperity and splendor. In fact, Segovia's San Miguel Church was even where Queen Isabel was crowned Queen of Castile back in 1474. The 16th through 20th centuries were marked by decline, which resulted in the lack of new constructions, unlucky for the city at the time but very lucky for us. Why? Well, this decline halted any new constructions, leaving the Old Quarter impeccably preserved as it was centuries ago.

Today, Segovia is a beautiful town beloved by Spanish and international travelers alike. The Old Quarter and the Roman aqueduct were declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, and it won't take long to see why. The ancient medieval streets are flanked by historic buildings, churches and monasteries that date back as far as the 13th century. Plus, a visit to Segovia is also not complete without a stop at Segovia's breathtaking castle. Complete with a keep, turrets, slate witches' hats, lavish rooms and a moat, many believe the castle served as inspiration for Walt Disney's Cinderella castle.

Along with monuments galore, Segovia boasts fantastic cuisine that even many Spaniards come from all corners to enjoy. The local specialty is roasted meats, namely roast lamb and roast suckling pig, though the regional stews and cured meats and cheeses play a pretty significant role as well.

What's more, Segovia's strategic and convenient location right in the middle of the country and just 50 kilometers from capital city Madrid make it an ideal starting point for all sorts of side trips.

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Learn Spanish in Segovia

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